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In the beginning…….

August 4, 2009

The essence of biblical discipleship is thinking biblically so that we can act biblically. Right acting flows from right thinking.

The late Dr. James Montgomery Boice repeated this formula on his radio program, The Bible Study Hour. The program was described as a ministry designed to help us “think and act biblically”.

I have used it for many years in teaching youth and adults as a fine shorthand to define discipleship.

That being said we can move to the purpose of this blog. First and foremost it is an extension of my teaching ministry and personal walk with Christ.

Secondly, this will be a place where believers and unbelievers can look at the theological, political, sociological, philosophical issues of our day and culture, attempting to address them from a biblical mindset.

So I invite you to join with me on this journey of being “transformed by the renewing of our minds” so that instead of being conformed to the patterns of this world (in both our thinking and acting) we will instead approve – identify – God’s will, for ourselves, our culture, our world.